We are m4d Radio. A group of 5 themed radio stations available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year playing music that evokes memories.
Choose your era below, listen and enjoy…

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Midnight - 7:30am Smooth Sounds
7:30-9:00am A Sunday celebration of our favourite hymns
9-10:00am The Daily Mix
10:00-11am Music and Memories
11-12noon Singalong together
12-1pm Northern Soul
1-2pm Music from the Musicals
2-5pm Music and Memories
5-6pm Its time for a pre-dinner dance
6-7pm Best Movie Ballads
7pm onwards Smooth Sounds

Our musical memories are typically made from our early teen years through to our late twenties.
Choose your birth year to listen to the musical decade where your musical memories were made.

What you say about m4d Radio

real reach and impact

‘The judges felt this winner had real reach and impact across the large population. It was accessible for so many people, and had the potential impact on people’s lives at a national level.’

Merkel 3rd Sector Care Awards

Feb 18, 2021

so easy to navigate

We truly were blown away by the concept of this [radio station] and its accessibility for people both at home and within the care home – so easy to navigate too!

Caroline Baker, Dementia Care Awards Judge

Director of Dementia Care – Barchester Healthcare
Dec 10, 2020

Thank you…

Thank you for this.  I put this station on straight away to see what it was like.  It brought tears to my eyes, when Keith started singing along. I will definitely log in regularly.

I will also be letting all our members know about your station in our next newsletter out next week. 

Many thanks


Dec 10, 2020

Outstanding Arts and Creativity in Dementia Care 2020

The judges felt strongly that the M4D Radio was a fantastic concept and that it was available for all people living with dementia at home or in a care home. 

Dementia Care Awards 2020

Nov 17, 2020

A gem of a resource

I have played this station in my car streamed from my phone for the last two nights. My Dad who has multi infarct dementia absolutely loved it and sang along quite happily. A gem of a resource

Sep 30, 2020

Whoever is responsible for this radio station THANK YOU!

Whoever is responsible for this radio station THANK YOU!  My mother has Alzheimer’s and music from 1930,1940 2nd world war has been our saviour but only on CD if you can find the right ones (Polesden Lacey, National Trust was the only place I could find the right CDs) There was nothing around on the radio, two years ago!  Therefore, if not for my mum, then at least others will know where to go. Music is so important for people living with Dementia and their carers. It can defuse a tricky situation with distraction. Mum loves to sing!

Sep 30, 2020

… such a brilliant idea!

Set an internet radio up with my mum last night and tuned in, she absolutely loved it from the off. She was singing along to all the songs, remembered all the words, titles and artists! Clearly brought back lots of memories and she became quite emotional (in a happy way) So lovely to see. I would recommend it to anyone, such a brilliant idea!

Sep 30, 2020

m4dradio is amazing!

m4dradio is amazing! A crazy, diverse eclectic mix that I love! It’s amazing and it seems like you certainly achieved the goal of giving access to everyone with memory issues a resource that will be important globally for quite a while I am sure

Sep 30, 2020

.. just brightens up the day

I heard about M4D radio on Thursday and I used it on our dementia residents the joy of smiles and just listening to them singing and we even had a dance just listening talking about the songs just brightens up the day

Sep 30, 2020