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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can’t get the programme to play
Answer: The music may take a few seconds to load after you press the play button. 5-10 seconds for the music to start is normal.
If after a 10 seconds it is not playing then try refreshing the page – hold down the Control and F5 keys at the same time. On a tablet this may be a circular arrow at the top right or left of the screen.
If it still doesn’t play, you may need to try a different device or a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)
Question: I can’t hear the programme
Answer: Check that your volume control is on and at an audible level on your device.
Make sure the volume is up on the player on the page.
Question: My Alexa device doesn’t recognise m4d radio
Answer: Ask Alexa to ‘Play m4d Radio’. If it doesn’t play, try saying this request more slowly.
The station should automatically play via the Alexa Skill, however you can also follow this link and install our skill app free of charge.
Question: I have another problem not listed here
Answer: Contact us via the contact form and we will endeavour to help