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m4d Radio can be used in many ways for people with dementia and their carers to gain maximum benefit from the therapeutic effects of music.

We’ve created a downloadable and printable guide, 5 ways to use music, with handy tips for carers as an aid to maximising engagement when playing music.


5 ways

5 ways to use music

Five experts have given a brief insight into five different areas of care that music can help with. Some are experts by training, others such as Arlene Phillips are experts by experience as they cared for family members with dementia.

  • Mood changer
  • Making new memories
  • Physically connecting
  • Creating conversation
  • Exercise and movement

The guide also includes tips on how to use music, taking into consideration volume and hearing, types of music, timing, personal care, togetherness, ritual and routine.


Further reading

If you would like further information on the significant benefits of music for people living with dementia please visit the Music for Dementia website:

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For other ideas on incorporating music into dementia care, download the Musical Care Guide and the Musical Dementia Care Pathway.

There are many organisations offering help and advice on dementia, both for people living with the condition and their carers. We’ve listed a few below.

Alzheimer’s Society
Dementia UK
Alzheimer’s Research
Dementia Friends
3 Nations Dementia Working Group
Dementia Carers
Age UK
Carers UK